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How much is this thing worth?  

I am often asked how much is this painting or piece of furniture worth.  The answer is there is not one value but several values.  The values depend on the context and circumstances in which the buying or selling takes place.  There is the insurance value or how much it would cost to replace the item with a similar one in a short period of time by going to a retail establishment.  There is the fair market value, usually defined as how much a comparable item would fetch at an auction.  And then there is marketable cash value or the amount of money you would put in your pocket after you paid all the expenses related to selling the item (commissions, packing/crating, shipping, insurance, photography, catalogue fees, etc.).  

Sometimes, the value of the item is not significant monetarily, but has decorative or sentimental value.  In this case, the value is not quantifiable by a dollar amount. 

"Analog Algorithm," cut vinyl on canvas by Lisa Marie Michitti.   Lisa Marie Michitti .

"Analog Algorithm," cut vinyl on canvas by Lisa Marie Michitti.  Lisa Marie Michitti.


Amanda Adams is a generalist appraiser of household contents, who specializes in art, antiques, and sterling silver.  Based in Birmingham, Alabama, she serves clients throughout the Southeast and the U.S.  Dr. Adams possesses a doctorate in art history, a certification in appraising from New York University, and an associate membership in the Appraisers Association of America.  She has appraised the work of the Old Masters to local folk artists, antique tapestries, Navajo rugs, art glass, and vintage Rock and Roll photography, just to name a few types of things.  

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Sèvres Porcelain Cup.   Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Sèvres Porcelain Cup.  Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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